Prezentacja filmu dokumentalnego Oleny Fediuk „Zarobitczański szliach”

Zapraszamy na Prezentacja filmu dokumentalnego Oleny Fediuk „Zarobitczański szliach” w ramach Klubu Filmowego Ukraińskiego Domu


What do Ukrainian labour migrants in EU do when they come home for a short annual break? Some, go on a Pilgrimage. The film follows a unique for Ukraine and Europe event – annual 10-day-long walking Pilgrimage in Western Ukraine – dedicated to and organized by Ukrainian labour migrants and their families. Besides the topic of migration, the film looks at the controversial rise of the church institution in a post-soviet state, as a force occupied
greatly not only with the spiritual, but also the social and political. During 260 km of walk and dedicated prayers, the participants of the Pilgrimage, – many of whom for years work as labourers in the EU and visit Ukraine only briefly, – attempt to spread the word of truth about their experience abroad, reconnect with their estranged through the years of migration families, fight the guilt and sense of blame for migration, and, against the evermore crumbling trust in the Ukrainian state, attempt to organize through the only existing for them institution, the church.